Supporting Top Achievements

We are a team of sports psychologist from Slovenia who work in the field of psychological preparation of athletes. We provide professional support for athletes so they can improve their psychological preparedness. We enable them to achieve their maximum potential and top results. We operate under the guidance of sports psychologist Aleš Vičič, who has more than 16 years of practical experience in the field of sports psychology, particularly in the psychological/mental preparation of athletes. We have worked with more than 350 athletes and coaches from more than 30 different sports.


The aim of psychological preparation is to improve the athlete’s performance in stressful situations. In such circumstances, the athlete's concentration, self-confidence, motivation, coping with nervousness/anxiety and emotion control are all extremely important. 

We teach several different methods and techniques, such as imagery/visualization, relaxation techniques, self-talk, goal setting, and pre-game routines to help athletes compete better and give them the tools to exhibit their abilities in stressful situations. Besides teaching these methods, we work on solving specific stress reactions and other performance related problems.

Since our athletes come from different parts of the world and are also frequently absent due to games/matches, counseling sessions may also be conducted via Skype


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